08 April 2021


The recent American Rescue Plan Act has issued a short term relief plan for people going onto Cobra effective April 1st and extending till September 30th. If any employees loses coverage due to being involuntarily terminated or has their hours reduced to less than full time, they will not be required to pay the Cobra premiums during this six months of relief. If the company is not Cobra eligible then the employee will be eligible for State Continuation  which is the States version of Cobra with the same financial relief. If the employee’s Cobra continues past 9/30/2021 then they will resume making their Cobra payments. At the end of their Cobra the employee will have an opportunity to pick up new coverage through the Market Place often called Obamacare. Please call us if you have any questions.

18 June 2020

CDC Recommendations on reopening of businesses

The CDC recently released a flow chart to aid businesses with the do’s and don’ts as they begin to reopen during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We will be happy to share this helpful chart with you and you can request it by calling us at 407 896-9600 or our email address at bcg@bcgfl.com. As always you should also consult with state and local health officials to confirm these recommendations coincide with your local requirements.

23 March 2020

United’s Two Week Open Enrollment

United Healthcare announced last Friday that due to the Covid-19 crisis they were taking the unprecedented  steps to open their group enrollments to any fully funded  company who has any employees who failed to enroll on their company plan when it was originally offered. This Open Enrollment will only last from today, March 23rd till April 3rd. Now is the time to put these employees on your plan because we have no indication it will be extended or repeated.

26 July 2019

The IRS Announces New HSA Limits for 2020

The IRS limits for HSA contributions for 2020 were just announced. Those with single only coverage will be allowed $3,550 while those with family coverage will be increased to $7,100.  The $1,000 catch-up provision for those 55 or older will remain unchanged.

11 June 2019

Easier Eye Screening

The FDA has approved a new screening device, the IDxDR for use by Primary Care doctors to check for diabetic retinopathy, a type of damage to the retina caused by high blood sugar. It is estimated that half of diabetics do not get annual eye exams. This device will allow the family doctor to screen and detect possible problems early in time for their patients to see an opthalmologist before the condition becomes critical.

18 March 2019

UnitedHealth To Rebate Rx Savings to Consumers

United Health Group just announced that it plans on passing along rebates from drugmakers to their policyholders who actually take these drugs. This move will begin in January 2020 and will affect new contracts as well as current clients moving to a new contract with United. This comes at a time when the Federal Government is taking a closer look at their contracts with drugmakers in Medicare and Medicaid contracts. United already has participated in rebating on some medical plans in the past.  Also many news outlets regularly publish articles concerning escalating drug prices.  All of this suggests that there are moves being made to address the rapid cost increases in pharmaceuticals in recent years.

07 February 2019

Risks for After Surgery Travel

A recent study of some 6,000 patients who had had had hip or knee replacement surgery and then flown within six days of the surgery were found to be three times more likely to develop a deep vein clot than those travelling by car. These “venous thromboembolism or VTE” as they are called can be deadly in some cases and anyone planning air travel in a short time after such surgery should first consult their doctor.

Fahd Mahmood-Clinical Research Fellow:Natl. Hospital Glasgow Scotland

08 May 2018

Dementia and Alcohol

In a recent study of 57,000 with early onset (under 65) of dementia, 57% of the cases were found to also having a history of heavy alcohol use, four to five drinks or more a day. They also found that while those who dramatically reduced their alcohol intake lived longer, they were still at a higher risk of developing early onset dementia. The bottom line appears to be that heavy alcohol use is a strong factor in developing dementia.

05 January 2018

Latest News To Undo The Health Law With Regulatory Action

The Trump administration is proposing changes that would let millions of small businesses and the self-employed buy health-insurance plans that don’t comply with all Affordable Care Act requirements, part of an aggressive move to undo the health law through regulatory action.

The proposal would allow businesses that share geography or an industry in common to form an association and sell members health policies that are exempt from some of the ACA’s requirements, according to a senior Labor Department official. They would no longer have to comply with an ACA rule that they offer a mandatory array of benefits, such as substance-abuse treatment.

19 December 2017

BCG Holiday Hours

Seasons greetings to one an all. Benefits Consulting Group will be closed beginning December 25th and will reopen on January 3rd. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a sucessful New Year!