“I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” for being the most outstanding insurance agent my company has ever had.”

“I would like to continue to work with you and your company because of the impeccable service and quality of service that you have provided for my company in the past.”

“BCG has a full understanding of the insurance industry and can present a plan so that non-professionals understand what they are (and are not) purchasing.”

“You have not only responded to our need in a timely fashion, but also attended to details when keeping us informed with industry standards and regulations.”

“You have always gone the extra mile to help us solve issues that arise.”

“Your thorough knowledge of insurance has been an overwhelming support to us as we have made crucial decisions regarding the health care of our employees.”

“I really appreciate not having to deal with the stress of battling with my insurance company – and I know that when Judy and Beth are handling the problem we are being represented better that we could do it ourselves.”

“Frank, probably the biggest difference between you and others is your strong commitment to provide the best service possible.”

“You and your staff have always been professional and courteous. Your monthly follow-ups are much appreciated.”

*Ref. Upon Request